Monday, June 21

4 Crucial Responsibilities of a Global Volunteer

Whether you’re preparing to be a volunteer Nepal or Fiji needs, you need to know that the enrolment and conclusion of your volunteer program are merely bits of the big cake. Volunteering is not really that complex to comprehend, but those who are willing to engage ought to understand they have other crucial responsibilities other than committing to the program.

Being a Global Volunteer Today

Being a volunteer in Fiji is only one of the wide array of sought-after programs by Australians today. National offering programs are overseen throughout strait-laced directions by Offering Australia. On the other hand, international volunteer opportunities are dealt with by their global host organisations and the Australians Volunteers for International Development (AVID).

Regardless of the reality that they include nearly all elements of global volunteering that need to be improved, oftentimes there are still permeable areas. Those areas are where criminal activity and unlawful rackets likely occur, which aggravates both the volunteers and the unfortunate.

As a volunteer outside your country, you must ensure that you are doing at least three of these:

1 – Being updating on current events.

As a volunteer, it is in your authority to oversee the events and factors that you might occur during your stay in a foreign country. Familiarizing the list of endeavours, courses, and visitor destinations are the easy part. What you really need to prioritise is being updated with the current events, volunteering guidelines, and constraints in that foreign country.

2 – Connecting with qualified host organisations.

They are the ones who will manage your entire experience as well as update you as alumni. So it’s just rational to prioritise finding a legit and licensed host organisation who can provide quality programs and services.

Make sure you’re linking with non-profit organisations who have tenure in global volunteering arena. Also seek mobility and transparency in their strategies, achievements, and reviews. Through doing this, it will be simpler for you, the volunteer, to see where your energy, time, and income are being invested.

3 – Practicing effective communication.

Before, throughout, and after your volunteering program, effective communication must be prioritised at all times.

Before you leave the country and become a volunteer Nepal needs, you must accomplish all your transactions like submitting your paperwork to your host organisation. This includes passports and visa, clearance, travel vaccines, medical examinations, and so on.

In addition, you should also keep your management officer upgraded about your test results or modifications in your contact. What’s even essential is that you advise or check the foreign country’s regional SIM card, so you can buy one when you arrive.

4 – Ensuring you’re getting decent if not ideal assistance from the host organisation.

During your arrival in the foreign country, your in-country management group should give you the best lodging.

While at it, you should likewise undergo through one or a series of in-country orientation. Tracking and examination are likewise in their hands throughout your assignment duties, but it’s your duty obviously to report the needed information.

After you finish your program, you need to comply with the in-country management group for your returning process. Depending on the host organisation, you may attend a ceremony acknowledging your completion and giving the certificate for your service.


It’s the state’s and host organisation’s responsibility to ensure that rights of the volunteers and the needy are exercised. Supplied that, Australians who want to be a volunteer Nepal needs today should open their eyes to their responsibility to others.

With every possibility you help without being paid, likewise comes an alternative to expand your perspective and establish a sense of duty to other living things as a volunteer.